What To Do If You Were Injured As A Passenger In A Car Accident

October 30, 2021 Personal Injury

You may wonder how you can recover damages for your injuries if you are injured while a passenger in a car accident in Florida. Thankfully, there are several different avenues available to you to pursue the compensation you deserve. Which option, or combination of options, is best for you depends on the particular circumstances of your case and should be addressed with a personal injury attorney

Important Information to Gather

The first step after you have been injured is to gather as much information as possible regarding the accident. If possible, you will begin this process at the scene of the accident. However, the essential matter is ensuring that all parties receive appropriate medical care. This may mean that you will not be able to gather information until a later time. Information that will help you in receiving compensation for your injuries includes:

  • The names, addresses, and insurance information of all parties involved in the accident
  • The names and addresses of all witnesses to the accident
  • Photos of the scene of the accident
  • A copy of the official police report
  • Medical documentation of any injuries you received, as well as any documentation you receive at follow-up doctor’s appointments
  • Proof of any work missed due to injuries sustained in the accident

Types of Insurance Coverage Available

There are different insurance policies you may file a claim under as a passenger in a car accident; these include:

  • Your Own Insurance: Although you are a passenger and not driving the wrecked vehicle, if you carry personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, you may be able to receive coverage for your injuries through your own insurance company. However, keep in mind that should you receive a settlement from the car accident, your insurance company may require that you reimburse them for any amounts they paid for your care. 
  • The Driver’s Insurance: Whether or not you should file a claim under the insurance for the driver of the vehicle you were injured in, or the driver of another vehicle involved in the accident, will depend on the circumstances of your case. Generally speaking, the fault is the determining factor in deciding which policy you should choose for a claim. The driver of the car you are in is required by law to have PIP insurance, and that PIP coverage is required to cover passengers in the vehicle. 
  • The Other Driver’s Insurance: If you and your personal injury attorney decide to do so, you can pursue a claim through the insurance company of the driver of the other car. Whether or not you do so will depend on fault, the extent of your injuries, and the amount of coverage available. 

Speak With A Florida Car Accident Lawyer

A Florida car accident lawyer can go over the facts of your case with you to determine your best options for recovery when you have been injured as a passenger in a car accident. At Martin Law Firm, P.L., we offer free consultations at any of our four locations conveniently located throughout Florida. You may reach us via our contact page.