Factors That Increase Summer Car Accident Risks In Florida

August 31, 2022 Personal Injury

At Martin Law Firm, P.L., we represent people that have been injured in car accidents throughout the state of Florida. Our years of experience as personal injury attorneys have shown us that car accidents in Florida tend to occur more often in the summer months for various reasons, which we list below.

Tourists Visiting 

Florida is a magnet for tourists, from families making the trek to world-renowned theme parks to retired northerners escaping sub-zero temperatures. Tourism in the sunshine state increases in the summer months, and an increase in drivers unfamiliar with our roads is one of the reasons why the number of accidents escalates in the summertime.  

Warm Weather & Alcohol

Florida’s beaches, rivers, and other scenic beauty cause many people to be out and about during the warm summer months. But unfortunately, for many, relaxation also means drinking alcohol and getting behind the wheel. 

Teen Drivers Out of School

Another reason crashes increase in the summertime is that most novice drivers, teenagers, are out of school and finding their freedom on the open road. As a result, inexperienced teens are often the reason why summertime collisions occur.

Motorcyclists on the Road

Constantly being exposed to the elements means that many motorcyclists prefer to ride when the weather is warm and the days are long. Motorcycles are smaller vehicles and are more challenging for many other drivers to see (especially when they are distracted by something else). Because of this, the number of accidents tends to rise when there are more motorcycles on the road. 

Inclement Weather

The summer months in Florida are filled with rain and thunderstorms. While some may only last a few minutes, others are more persistent and last for hours. These storms cause the roads to become slick and visibility to decrease, contributing to traffic collisions.

Excessive Heat Causes Car Problems

Extreme heat, like the kind seen in Florida during summer, can negatively affect motor vehicles. One such problem is the way tires react to high temperatures. The air inside the tire begins to expand, which can make a worn tire blow out while the vehicle is being operated. 

Heat also affects the ability of the engine to perform.

Road Construction

The increase in road construction during the summer months contributes to road congestion, traffic back-ups, and rubber-necking drivers. All of these elements contribute to an increase in traffic collisions. 

An Attorney at Martin Law Firm, P.L. Can Help You 

No matter when they occur, car accidents are never a welcome experience, and injured parties are often left with significant injuries that require extensive medical treatment and time for recuperation. At Martin Law Firm, P.L., our lawyers are well-versed in personal injury accidents, and we help people throughout the state of Florida recover the compensation they are owed. Contact us today via our contact page.