A Florida Car Accident Lawyer Explains How A Witness In An Accident Can Impact Your Case

September 30, 2021 Personal Injury

According to a report from Florida Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), between January 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020, there were 341,333 crashes on Florida roadways. This resulted in 212,535 injuries and 3,347 fatalities. Many of the accidents on Florida roadways lead to litigated cases as insurance companies, and individuals attempt to determine who is at fault and which party should be responsible for any damages that occurred. In making these determinations, much credence is given to the testimony of expert and lay witnesses. 

An Expert Witness in Florida

An expert witness is an individual who is typically hired by a person injured in a car accident to give testimony regarding certain aspects of the case. Their experience and education make them uniquely qualified to provide testimony. Expert witnesses in a car accident case may include:

  • Medical Witness Expert: A medical expert can testify how an injury occurred and the extent of the damage. The medical expert may also give their opinion on what impact these injuries will have on the victim’s life, the time needed to heal, and the costs associated with the injury.
  • Highway Safety Expert: Highway safety experts are usually engineers that specialize in the infrastructure of the roads and highways. They can give testimony as to road conditions when the accident occurred and the governing laws, rules, and regulations. 
  • Accident Reconstruction Expert: An accident reconstruction expert can recreate the events leading up to and during the accident.

A Lay Witness in Florida

A lay witness must have personal knowledge of the information they are testifying about but do not have to be qualified as an expert to give testimony. For example, there are typically two different types of lay witnesses involved in a car accident case:

  • Eye Witness: An eye witness to an accident sees either the events leading up to the accident, the actual accident, or both. A third-party eye witness is a person who was not in any of the vehicles involved in the accident and did not have a relationship with any of the involved parties. Their account of what transpired can be key in determining who is responsible for the accident, and the responding officer typically obtains their statement and contact information for the accident. 
  • Family or Friend of Victim: A family member or friend of the victim may be called upon to testify how the accident has affected the victim both mentally and physically. 

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