Why Roads Are Becoming More Dangerous for Pedestrians 

September 30, 2022 Personal Injury

Why Roads Are Becoming More Dangerous for Pedestrians

Statistics are clear: the number of pedestrians being injured and killed on our roadways is increasing. According to a report by Smart Growth America, from 2019 to 2020, there was a 4.5% increase in the number of pedestrians hit and killed on America’s roadways, and the data from 2021 looks like the numbers will be even worse. Compared to other states, Florida is one of the worst for pedestrians. In a report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) in 2022, Florida ranked #2 in the nation for pedestrian fatalities from January – December 2020, with a total of 729 deaths. Only California had more than 1,026 deaths during the same time period.

Highway System Designs

The main reason why the number of accidents involving pedestrians has increased is because of the poor design of our road systems. Growth in Florida is explosive, and the highway systems being created are designed to handle an increase in traffic, not an increase in pedestrians. As a matter of fact, many of the new roadways are not even pedestrian-friendly. Many of them lack crosswalks and sidewalks, forcing many pedestrians to jaywalk and placing them directly in the path of oncoming traffic.  

Older highway systems are no better. They were designed and built to handle less traffic, so they are overwhelmed now, making the situation more dangerous for pedestrians. 

Distracted & Reckless Driving

While distracted and reckless driving has always been a problem, as the number of people engaging in these practices increases, so does the number of accidents with pedestrians. More and more people have smartphones now, and texting while driving is commonplace. While it may seem like sending a quick text or having a conversation on the phone while behind the wheel is safe, research disagrees. It has actually been shown that the chance of being in an accident is four times higher when a driver is talking on a cell phone.  

Larger Vehicles

The automotive industry has moved away from smaller motor vehicles and has begun to create larger SUVs and trucks. Many people prefer an SUV over a small sedan because it can better accommodate more family members while still providing extra room, such as groceries and after-school sports equipment. Large trucks are preferred by working people as they are able to haul more equipment in comfort. However, the larger the vehicle, the more deadly it can be in an accident with a pedestrian. It can also be more difficult for a driver to see a pedestrian when they are seated far off the ground. 

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