Tips On Preventing Your Teen From Becoming A Distracted Driver in Florida

February 28, 2022 General

Incidents occur on today’s roads that challenge even the most experienced driver, so it’s no wonder parents are wary of allowing their teens to set loose on the highway. The good news is that there are things you, as the parent, can do to help your young driver remain focused and safe while operating a motor vehicle. 

Be A Good Role Model

First and foremost, be a good role model for your child. This is a time when you must “practice what you preach,” so to speak. Pullover before answering a call or text, and never text or call someone else while driving. Do not speed or drive recklessly, and always follow the rules of the road. Even when you don’t think they are, your teen is watching your driving habits, which will help shape their own driving practices. 

Know The Law

The state of Florida has a graduated schedule they use to slowly have new drivers become accustomed to the responsibilities of the road. Read the driver’s manual and familiarize yourself with the schedule so you can help your teen abide by the law and re-familiarize yourself with the rules of the road. Who knows, some of them may have changed since you took your driving test years ago!

Supervise Closely

Supervise your teen closely by riding with them every time you can. Good habits they form with you in the car will carry over to when you are not there with them. Riding with them also lets you keep tabs on how they are doing and where they need more practice. 

Limit Driving Times & Areas

Your teen should only be driving during the day until both of you feel comfortable that they are ready to drive at night. Then, start slow and let them increase their time driving at night as their skills improve. Also, try to keep your teen off the roadways when they are at their busiest, such as during rush hour or around major holidays. 

Create Non-Negotiable Rules

Probably the most important piece of advice: talk with your teen. Explain that driving is a privilege, and to keep that privilege, they will need to follow certain non-negotiable rules. Have them help you create the list, so they feel like you value their input. Then, if they abide by the rules, reward them in some way that lets them know you are proud of them and how they are treating driving a car as the serious matter that it is. Some rules you may want to include on your list are:

  • No cell phone usage at all while behind the wheel unless you are stopped in a safe place
  • No friends as passengers until you both agree they are ready for that step

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