Most Common Motorcycle Accidents & How to Avoid Them

August 30, 2021 Personal Injury

People ride motorcycles for various reasons, including cost-efficiency, ease of movement, and the feeling of freedom it brings. However, riding also carries a much higher chance of severe injury or death when an accident occurs. In 2019, motorcycle riders were almost 29 times more likely to die in a crash than occupants of a car. The good news is there are steps motorcyclists can take to prevent these accidents from happening. The most common types of motorcycle accidents we see are related to:  

#1: Left Turning Cars

A car turning left at an intersection is a contributing factor in many accidents involving motorcycles. This typically occurs when a motorcycle is going straight through an intersection. The driver of the left-turning car either does not see the motorcyclist or incorrectly estimates the amount of time needed to make the turn. Either way, the result is a collision of the vehicles. The best way for a motorcyclist to avoid this is to slow down before proceeding through an intersection and pay close attention to drivers coming from the opposite direction in their left turn lane. A motorcycle rider should always be ready to stop or redirect if the need arises. 

#2: Lane Changing

Due to the size of a motorcycle, it is easy for car drivers to miss seeing them due to the blind spots in their cars. This can cause the car to side-swipe the motorcycle while switching lanes. Careless and unnecessary lane weaving by speeding car drivers or motorcycle riders significantly increases the odds of this type of collision occurring. To avoid a lane changing accident, motorcycle riders should be on the lookout for turn signals and drivers actively checking their mirrors as if they are proceeding to switch lanes.  

#3: Inclement Weather

Bad weather is a leading factor in all types of car and motorcycle accidents. However, a motorcycle rider is more open to the elements. They lack the protections afforded to car drivers, so it is even more important for motorcyclists to avoid traveling in adverse weather conditions. Rain can cause roads to be slippery, and wind can make it more difficult for a motorcycle rider to balance. When avoiding traveling in inclement weather is not an option, motorcyclists should travel slowly and not ride closely behind other vehicles.

#4: Driving While Intoxicated or Fatigued

Alcohol and prescription and non-prescription drugs cause the reaction time of motorcyclists to decrease dramatically. Driving while tired can have this same effect. Therefore, motorcycle riders should avoid riding when they are intoxicated, tired, trying a new medication, or taking a medication they know causes them to feel drowsy. 

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